Full Moon Photography Workshop

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Full Moon Photography Workshop


Tue 02.01.2018

Light is the key to all photography and at night with a full moon is no exception.
You won’t believe how much light there is on a clear full moon, even with a bit of cloud cover.
The sky is blue, the clouds are white and the landscape is lit by the moonlight.
This limited event will take place at the end of december with the full moon and hopefully clear sky.
Dont miss it, get in touch for more details!


What's included:

- free transportation with my car from meeting point to all locations

- overnight stay in my tents / sleeping bags provided

- morning breakfast outside the tent 

- learning to shoot using my techniques 

- sharing with you hidden locations you have never seen or been before

- chance to shoot the Milky Way depending of the weather

- full after tour post processing workflow of photos we made in Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop

- make sure you contact me after booking




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